next generation, autonomous aerial platform


ARACE ANGEL is a versatile, next generation, autonomous aerial platform. It boosts a compact size, very easy deployment (no assembly required) and exceptionally long flight time.

Developed and manufactured 100% in Hungary (EU), with carefully designed and selected high quality parts.

fully composite frame unit


Field deployment takes less than 1 minute and requires no assembly.

Folds into a compact size for easy storage and transportation (including backpack options).

Multiple redundancy for safe operation:

next generation, autonomous aerial platform


The ARACE Angel is highly customizable, based on the user’s requirements. Arial mapping.

fully composite frame unit

Aerial mapping

We offer numerous options for high-res RGB camera as well as NDVI and multispectral camera, which can be mounted on the platform.

100% autonomy with all high-end components


Diagonal size (with folded props):
82 cm
Max Flight Time (with payload):
90 mins @ 0.5 kg, 60 mins @ 1.5kg
Maximum Operating Altitude:
5,000 m ASL
Maximum Speed:
22 m/s
Max payload:
1.9 kg
6 kg
Maximum Operating Temperature:
50 Degrees Celsius (for battery safety)
Landing and takeoff:
1x1m flat surface
Flight time:
up to 19km