Up to 85mins flight time

next generation, autonomous aerial platform


ARACE SIRIN is a versatile, next generation, autonomous aerial platform. It boosts a compact size, very easy deployment (no assembly required) and exceptionally long flight time.

Developed and manufactured 100% in Hungary (EU), with carefully designed and selected high quality parts. It meets recent security standards as it makes use of a strictly USA made Flight controller.

Agility was also a key goal during the development. Hence it can be operated in strong winds and a wide temperature range, while performing either aerial mapping or surveillance missions.

fully composite frame unit


The Sirin can be airborne up to 85mins and cover more than 40km in a single flight.

Field deployment takes less than 1 minute and requires no assembly.

Folds into a compact size for easy storage and transportation (including backpack options).

Li-ion battery which can be recharged 3-4x as much a traditional LiPo batteries which is what is used on most commercially available drones. Also, it only needs a single battery to fly.

Multiple redundancy for safe operation:

next generation, autonomous aerial platform


The ARACE SIRIN is highly customizable, based on the user’s requirements.

fully composite frame unit

Aerial mapping

We offer numerous options for high-res RGB camera as well as NDVI and multispectral camera, which can be mounted on the platform.

next generation, autonomous aerial platform

Surveillance and SAR

It can be equipped with various state-of-the-art, single or dual sensor payload. Long range, optical zooming daylight cameras, as well as thermal cameras.

Operational radius of up to 20km and can act as a relay with ARACE point to multi-point Mobile Remote Viewing Terminal (MRVT).

100% autonomy with all high-end components


Diagonal size (with folded props):
70 cm
Max Flight Time (without payload):
85 mins.
Max Flight Time (with payload):
65 mins.
Maximum Operating Altitude:
5,000 m ASL
Wind Resistance at flight altitude:
Cat. 6
Maximum Speed:
Max payload:
500 grams
2.98 kg (EU RPAS Class C2)
Maximum Operating Temperature:
40 Degrees Celsius (for battery safety)
Landing and takeoff:
1x1m flat surface
Bidirectional telemetry range:
up to 20km