Aerial Survey & Mapping

Why use ARACE drones for Aerial survey & mapping?

ready to fly industrial aerial vehicles


ARACE UAVs are all created with fast deployment and cruise speeds in mind. Data of large areas can be collected faster than ever before. Time spent by staff in the field is used more efficiently. At the same time, given its airborne nature, work no longer needs to be halted on the site, while the survey is in progress.

Full customized solutions are available


Areas that are difficult or hazardous to access will be a thing of the past when working with ARACE units. Crumbling structures, challenging terrain, dangerous locals or even heavy machinery is no longer going to pose a risk to the survey personnel.

Why use ARACE drones for Aerial survey & mapping?


ARACE offers variable payload options ranging from 20 to 42-megapixel RGB cameras as well as multifrequency PPK solutions. Making it possible to cover even the most demanding, high-precision aerial mapping requirements, down to cm level accuracy.
most advanced and competitive aerial mapping platforms


ARACE solutions are in the lead when it comes to most advanced and competitive aerial mapping platforms. With our Headquarters and factory based in Hungary, we maintain the high European standard and quality that our customers have come to expect from us. At the same time offer the most competitive packages as far as western solutions are involved.


With ARACE VTOL mappers, unlike with other drones on the market.