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ARACE GRIFFIN is a next generation, ready to fly industrial aerial platform manufactured in the EU. It can perform vertically takeoff and landing (VTOL) from any 5x5m flat surface. Granting it the ability to be deploy from practically anywhere. For example, the side of the road, middle of a forest, top of a building, truck, boat and so on. Once reached safe altitude the flight mode will transition to horizontal forward flight and the UAV will proceed as a tradition fixed-wing aircraft. It is capable of up to 2 hours flight time.

Class leading agility and strength:

The Griffin has higher wind resistance than most other VTOL platforms, can safely take off and land in over 40kph winds at ground level and over 80kph in the air. Carbon and Kevlar reinforced parts ensure robustness and longevity.


The Griffin can operate 100% autonomously from takeoff to landing. Missions can be planned and executed with the help of intuitive command and control application. Where to fly, what to do when it arrives there (take photo or record video, track/follow a target, etc.), when to return.

Deployment, power and cost

The GRIFFIN can be developed very rapidly at any location. Transportation is easy, due to single compact carrycase that can fit in any car. Field assembly is easy and fast. Takes less than 3mins and is 100% tool-less. Everything is plug and play.

No pre-flight calibrations are required.

Power system is 100% electric, so no messing with gasoline mixtures, no fiddling with starter motors, no carburetor tuning for various altitudes, no engine warming requirements before every flight, no expensive engine servicing/overhaul (requiring mechanics).

The Griffin is also best in class when it comes to noise during flight. Typically, inaudible at above 180m over ground level.


The GRIFFIN is highly customizable, based on the user’s requirements.

For surveillance and SAR applications, it can be equipped with various state of the art single or dual sensor payload. Long range, optical zooming daylight cameras. As well as thermal cameras.

For aerial mapping projects, there are numerous options for high-res RGB camera and multispectral camera. Which can be mounted at the same time on the platform.

No runway or complicated/heavy bungy system or

Redundancy and safety:

The GRIFFIN houses cutting edge technology and multiple redundancy systems for safe operation:

  • High-end components
  • Triple IMUs
  • Dual Compass
  • Dual GNSS/GPS (multi constellation)
  • Dual elevators
  • Multiple built-in failsafe features
  • ADS-B receiver

Range and security:

The Griffin can cover up to 120km in a single flight. Can be equipped with AES encrypted datalink for telemetry/control/live video with up to 40km range.

Quality and track record:

The GRIFFIN has a proven track record globally. Multiple units are operating global, in almost every continent. Unlike most hobby and standard commercial offerings, some of our units are operated literally none stop, buy our customers. That is 24hours a day…. everyday! Only landing to swap the batteries (2mins.). That is why we must make them industrial grade.


Maximum Operating Altitude:
Wind Resistance at flight altitude:
Cruise Speed:
Max payload:
Maximum Operating Temperature:
Landing and takeoff:
Flight time (on a single battery):
Bidirectional telemetry/HD video range:

4,000m AGL
Cat. 6
1 kg
8.5 kg
50 Degrees Celsius (for battery safety)
up to 2 hours
over 40km

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