Why settle for less?

Electric is clean and quiet.


Our fleet


The ARACE ROC is the 100% electric vertically take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial platform that put even internal combustion unit to shame.


ARACE ANGEL is a versatile, next generation, autonomous aerial platform. It boosts a compact size, very easy deployment (no assembly required) and exceptionally long flight time.

Developed and manufactured 100% in Hungary (EU), with carefully designed and selected high quality parts.


The ARACE GRIFFIN Pro or Griffin V2 is the second evolution of very successful original Griffin. It has an impeccable track record for many years now. Agility is second to none. Users find themselves not having to worry about strong winds anymore when using the GRIFFIN.

It can perform vertically take-off and landing (VTOL) from any 5x5m flat surface. Granting it the ability to be deployed from practically anywhere. For example, middle of a dense forest, top of a building or boat and so on.