Almost 4 hours flight time

100% electric ultra-long endurance


The ROC is the 100% electric ultra-long endurance, vertically take-off and landing (VTOL) aerial platform that put even internal combustion unit to shame.

With its groundbreaking almost 4 hours of flight time, it is the go-to remotely piloted aircraft for all demanding operations, be it large scale aerial mapping or long-range surveillance.

Did we mention that the payload is swappable in a breeze? You can use the same platform to map an area, then land and swap for a surveillance payload. That is not all, you can then land again and swap to a cargo/parcel delivery payload. All this done on site, without any tools or complicated reconfiguration required.

fully composite frame unit


The ARACE ROC is a compact 2.5m wingspan fully composite frame unit.

Field assembly time takes less than 5mins and unlike many other options it can be done by a single person.

Power system is 100% electric, so no messing with gasoline and expensive servicing. Also is very quiet during level flight. Typically, inaudible at over 200m above ground level.

As with all ARACE aircrafts, the ROC carries cutting edge technology and multiple redundancy systems for unmatched safe operation:

possibility to swap payload on the same unit on the fly


The ARACE ROC is highly customizable, based on the user’s requirements.
One of its most spectacular features is the possibility to swap payload on the same unit on the fly. 100% plug and play. Meaning the same unit can be used as an aerial mapper, then land and swap the payload with a dual sensor gimbal camera. Then take off immediately for a search and rescue mission in under 5 mins.

For surveillance and SAR applications, it can be equipped with various state of the art single or dual sensor payload. Long range, optical zooming daylight cameras. As well as thermal cameras.

For aerial mapping projects, there are numerous options for high-res RGB camera and multispectral camera. Which can be mounted at the same time on the platform.

For cargo delivery needs it can carry over 2kgs of parcel over huge distances. And can even be setup for fully unattended remote parcel deployment if required.

ARACE ROC is highly customizable, based on the user’s requirements.


Carbon fiber composite
Maximum Operating Altitude:
4,000m ASL
Wind Resistance at flight altitude:
Cat. 6
Cruise Speed:
Top speed:
Max payload:
2.5 kg
13.5 kg
Maximum Operating Temperature:
50 Degrees Celsius
Landing and takeoff:
Flight time (on a single battery):
up to 3.5 hours
Bidirectional telemetry range:
over 50km