Security, Surveillance, SAR & Defense

Border, Oil & Gas pipeline, forestry, wildlife, and railway.

Security, Surveillance, SAR & Defense

Why use ARACE drones for Security, Surveillance & Defense?

Accomplishment/Track record: ARACE advanced surveillance UAV are currently in daily operation all over the world. This includes non-stop, all night flying. They are combat proven globally, both in civil and mil applications.

advanced payload options for surveillance


ARACE UAV options offer some of the more advanced payload options for surveillance. State of the art feature like target geo-location, click to auto track target, day and night cameras, hands off autonomous mission for not just the UAV but also the payload itself. We even offer remote view terminals not available from other suppliers. With this, forward ground forces can see exactly what the base operating pilot can see. And the operator can even send navigation points to the team, even when they do not have any way to communicate directly with radio. For example, when they are inside a forest or behind a hill.
silent during operation


Multiple hardware and software fail-safe redundancy options are standard on all ARACE drones. Also, ARACE UAVs are famed for being some of the most silent in the world, during operation. They are practically inaudible from the ground when cruising as low as 120m. This makes them especially useful for security mission as the thieves are not alerted to the presence of the UAV. ARACE UAVs also employ multiple anti-jamming technology as well as anti-hijacking features, including fully encrypted communications channels. Even if GPS reception is blocked in an area, ARACE UAVs special features enable them to navigate without any GPS, out of the area where they are blocked, till they recover GPS positioning.

leading aerial reconnaissance platforms


ARACE solutions are in the lead when it comes to most advanced and competitive aerial mapping platforms. With our HQ and factory based in Hungary, we maintain the high European standard and quality that our customers expect from us. At the same time offer the most competitive packages as far as western solutions are involved.


With ARACE VTOLs, unlike with other drones on the market, you do not have to postpone a survey just because the wind is strong. Over 45kph winds are ground level and over 75kph at cruise altitude most ARACE solutions are still certified to operate safely.